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A Weekend Trip to Remember – Camping & Rafting in Rishikesh

Indeed the Beatles were a hit in putting words to the emotions that one gets in charming Rishikesh. The emerald green water, the equally inexperienced hills and the shimmering white sand… I notion simplest Goa should spur such magic… But I turned into absolutely incorrect.

“Bungee Jumping! Cliff Jumping! Rock Climbing! Fox Flying! Rappelling!” I should hear those words on and off in the workplace; in hushed voices most of Camping in Rishikesh  us have been making plans on what we have been going to attempt other than white water rafting. Our workplace experience was scheduled for March 28, the closing weekend of the month and might I say that it is one of the nice months to move rafting in Rishikesh, while water temperature is slight (nonetheless cold) and the weather is neither too warm nor too bloodless; apart from that for high-quality rafting experience it is easy to either cross in the months of March to May or among October and November.

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Thank God it’s Friday… Weekend Fun Begins Now!
After completing office on Friday, we deliberate on leaving for Rishikesh. Our teach New Delhi-Dehradun AC Express became scheduled for Haridwar at 11.55 pm. There are about 8 trains from Delhi to Haridwar, which takes 4 to 7 hours to reach. From Haridwar, you may both take a bus to Rishikesh or a three-wheeler auto-rickshaw. Another way to attain Rishikesh from Delhi is to take a bus or e book a cab.

Rishikesh is a perfect weekend getaway from Delhi; the location leaves you completely rejuvenated, and allows you conquer your fears and fulfill all of your journey fantasies. So, the exceptional tip for a Rishikesh tour is to depart on Friday night, attain Rishikesh on Saturday, enjoy the rafting and different journey activities and then return on Sunday. You are assured to start the brand new week with a clean thoughts and lot of enthusiasm.

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Train Journey to Haridwar…
Ndls to HW Train-Journey

The 4 hours adventure to Haridwar left us with little scope for sleep, so we decided on taking pictures, chatting and playing playing cards… our group of nine people definitely bustled the complete teach compartment with of course Shikha’s over the top voice. Boy! She chirps like a lark, most effective too frequently… LOL! We controlled to get a few sleep and being proper on schedule we reached Haridwar at 4AM. Haridwar’s platform become easy and nothing like in Delhi; one component that I actually have observed is that smaller the city, the purifier its railway station is. I regret to mention that Delhi being the capital has one of the worst railway stations in the u . S .. Even though we ought to see people lying on the platform right here as well, but it become still enormously in better situation than the one within the Capital.

It was nevertheless dark whilst we reached Haridwar; it regarded almost mid-night time to me. Our eyes had been puffed with partial sleep, but the cool air had started out to cast its spell on us, and we craved for tea and 2 uppers as nicely. Haridwar welcomed us with sugary tea, beckoning a candy start to a highly spiced journey!

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Rishikesh Calling…
River Ganges

Rishikesh is ready 20kms from Haridwar. We took an auto and commenced early for Rishikesh. The dark sky hindered the view, however, and the cool breeze changed into telling us that we were heading towards the hills. Our 45 minutes journey changed into simply a pride, especially for Swairik who became sitting on the step of the auto… Swapnil along with his usual cheerful spirit and clown like acts entertained us in the course of our way. The automobile dropped us at Shri Radha Krishna Mandir, from in which we needed to take another car to attain our camp, Alaknanda River Rafting Camp placed in Byasi, that’s approximately 38kms above Rishikesh. Swairik’s foreigner buddy Lisa, who become staying at Lavazza Café, was supposed to greet us at Lakshman Jhula at 6.30 AM. Since it became simply 5.15 AM, we decided to take a touch hike to Lakshman Jhula and other close by locations.

We ran and reduce via the meandering alleys of Rishikesh, which had been nearly empty in the mean time with few small dhabas and restaurants open. The first glimpse of River Ganga shocked us… WOW! Was all I may want to say… I am truely now not a morning individual, however if every morning could permit me to get one of these surprising view, I may just prevent drowsing in any respect… LOL. The emerald green river observed by using lofty mountains takes its traditional walk. The pebbled route, alongside the river delivered to its beauty. I in the end dared to soak my feet within the water, Gosh! There has been not anything that I can examine the feeling with. Just like the Beatles said it…

“I’m just a toddler of nature I don’t want lots to set me unfastened”

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Alaknanda River Rafting Camp… Sun, Sand and Beach!
Alaknanda Rafting Camp

There are buses and jeeps that take you to Byasi from Rishikesh, although once in a while, you need to watch for them for too long! There are a few journey businesses located at this place as well, however they fee unreasonably; so it’s miles better to anticipate a jeep or a bus. We took a jeep, which charged Rs 50 in step with person. Due to inadequate seats, we decided to cut up the group and travelled in two extraordinary automobiles. The road to Byasi is pretty right; one can see the splendid River Ganga flowing underneath. Few cuts and bends, left Rahul, Kapil and Diwakar out of breath and their expressions said all of it, because it turned into their first adventure within the hills. The jeep motive force had put up some correct music and despite the stuffed jeep, I ought to sooner or later relax.

Byasi forestall has few shops wherein primary stuff became to be had. We had to climb down a 250m lengthy and steep unmettaled path; the view of the camp from the path changed into brilliant, I mean it changed into some thing that I hadn’t seen for a very long time. An array of tents at the white sands overlooking the gorgeous green Ganga… now I recognise, what is BREATHTAKING! The set of stairs have been fully risky, however the view and the exhilaration to attain this kind of stunning location made us forget all hassles. So, right here we had been, stepping at the white sands, on foot inside the sun, greeted by way of the other institution from our office, who had already reached earlier than us. The camp turned into lovely, the place become stunning and the environment became even extra lovely, Paradise Unparalleled!

There have been styles of camps, one which had 3 beds and were spacious and the alternative ones had been usual tenting tents, with most people occupying larger tents, we had been left with the choice to settle into smaller ones, Swairik took a bright orange tent, subsequent to it Swapnil and Bhaskar occupied the relatively spacious tent; with Shikha and I ending up in a smallest tent among the three, where you had to creep in and in addition creep out, no area for status or even sitting well… Our Adventure had started!!

For maximum people, this become our first camping experience. Swapnil and Bhaskar who had trudged to the washroom (tent with a western rest room seat), which turned into situated at the cease of the camp again with sarcastic smiles on their faces. “There is not any water within the washroom and beside there’s buckets complete of sand in there. I marvel what we’re alleged to do with it” said Swapnil in a cynical tone… Indians as we are, we will’t do whatever with out water!! Well, for me it did flip out be that manner, for two days I had to persuade my stomach, telling it to relax for we are going to have a top notch time whilst we return to Delhi… Thank You My Survival Instincts!!

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Beach Fun… Tan Tan Tan!
Beach Camp Rishikesh

After changing garments and having a fresh breakfast, everyone started to splash in to the water… observed by means of screams… uhhhh huhuhu… the water changed into DAMN cold and the sun become cruel. Although our organization had special reasons to scream… there stood a guy in abnormal inexperienced t-blouse and blood purple MICRO shorts…it changed into soooo now not a quite image, Swairik Das took us all by using a disgusting surprise! We ladies felt inferior with the duration of his shorts and the boys felt uncomfortable along with his degree of self belief in wearing his weird apparel… Swairik changed into now a Superman Redefined!! Anyways, I don’t need to go into the details of this… permit me come up with few guidelines on necessities of camping in Rishikesh…

If you’re making plans to go to Rishikesh and staying in a camp, right here are few matters that you need to convey, first, a sunscreen (of path if you don’t want to get tanned as you’ll spend a whole day inside the solar), solar glasses, portable cell charger (despite the fact that, few camps offer those), flashlight and lip balm (because the dry air gives you a lip-crack!)

After onerous ourselves in water with body surfing and kayaking, we headed for a sumptuous buffet. There became no extra feeling than sitting under a shed and munching on a few delectable Indian delicacies, even as we chatted and laughed crazily. At three PM, we were ultimately called for river rafting.

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River Rafting… Facing Life
Rafting in Rishikesh

The adventure took a toll on us, the 250m climb as much as the principle street from Byasi turned into actually impossible without breaking a sweat, and by the point we reached the primary road we have been exhausted. To come to consider it, what a exquisite downside it’s far to live in a metropolis, where motor cars are to be had and the entirety is to be had at a quick distance. Alas! We all are falling victims to comfort and luxury, permitting our bodies to emerge as delicate and bad. The best issue approximately hills is that it reminds you that it’s miles still viable to stay with out many amenities that we consider vital…

We took a bus, headed for Marine Drive, from where we needed to begin our 24kms rafting day trip. There are four essential stretches for rafting in Rishikesh, Brahmpuri (9kms stretch for family and novices), Shivpuri (16kms stretch for kids), Marine Drive (24kms stretch for daredevils) and Kaudiyala (36kms stretch for specialists). Our rafting excursion changed into from Marine Drive to N.I.M Beach with 4 primary rapids (grade III+) specifically, Money Maker, Three Blind Mice, Club House and Roller Coaster.

Dropped at a incorrect area through the bus, we needed to trek to find our rafts. Swairik and I took the primary avenue and after following the same route should discover our raft. On the opposite aspect, the rest of the troop hiked through a distinct path, with Rahul, Akhilesh and Diwakar taking walks barefoot (unfortunately their footwears additionally determined to absorb adventure and dived into Ganges and submerged) on a rocky path, it should were killing! Anyways, adventure commenced for Swairik and me here as we had been the best individuals who had to take the raft on the other aspect of the seaside, where rest of the organization changed into waiting. Let me tell you, it is not so smooth to row a boat anyways and rowing it towards the flow takes a extraordinary deal…but we controlled! Successfully accomplishing the opposite shore, we all ready for the final adventure… River Rafting in Rishikesh!!!

By now, the sun started to move down, with patches of mild here and there at the river and mountains. Cold breeze welcomed us at the raft, and everybody became equipped with important rafting gears like helmet, lifeguard and paddle. I alternatively changed into given the privilege of handiest sitting with the rope to manipulate, NO ROWING! That sounded best, we commenced with a few mild rowing, laughter and smiles… The first fast become a slight one…the nice become approximately to come back! I could hear the sound of the second one rapid and it appeared risky, our guide advised that we want to row together and faster when we attain the rapid…that became alarming… We ultimately confronted the second one rapid that gave us the flavor of intense adventure; the the front of the raft dived in to the river, with Kapil, Swapnil and I literally consuming the water of Ganga with each mouth and nose… BIZZARE! We have been out of the rapid and have been alive! On the third predominant rapid the raft completely turned closer to the right, I as soon as thought that Swapnil might fall off, however he survived, he become rowing difficult, with his eyes closed, which made me laugh…he became doing the whole thing he should to survive in this precise speedy. By the fourth fast named Roller Coaster, which changed into the longest, each person changed into a chunk worn-out however DAMN the monster rapid put every person in an alert role, Swapnil once more rowing with closed eyes and Kapil expecting the tide to come to him, as he didn’t want to row within the air… LOL! I felt a person become throwing bucketful of water on me, the nice and cozy climate and bloodless water made for a ordinary combination. It turned into at the least 10 minutes of rapid rowing that pulled us out of the enormous speedy…the pretty water observed with few minor rapids to N.I.M Beach… We had just faced death and lived a life!!

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