In 2015, the municipality of Alphen aan den Rijn commenced to put the actual property portfolio so as. Last year, the municipality made the choice to replace to a exceptional real estate control device. By the usage of the brand new machine, the municipality has started out to study the portfolio in a special way and is at the manner to professional and strategic real estate management. We interviewed Maarten Eijkelestam and Vincent Quist approximately this system.

The basis so as
The municipality of Alphen aan den Rijn turned into created in 2014 from a merger of the municipalities of Alphen aan den Rijn, Boskoop and Rijnwoude. Before the merger, every municipality had its very own way of administration and its personal archive and case machine. The municipality started out amassing all facts in 2015. After all objects, contracts (and for that reason income) and relationships had been mapped out and all information had been entered into the belongings control device, the foundation become laid for placing the belongings portfolio so as.

A tight agenda
In July 2019, the municipality of Alphen aan den Rijn finished the tender for a brand new belongings management device. The municipality needed to deal with a tough closing date: the gentle system, the implementation of the new machine and the conversion of the information had to be finished earlier than January 1, 2020. This was not possible for all carriers. The municipality subsequently opted for Metafoor Vastgoed en Software’s VBSonline and the deadline changed into met.

Vincent Quis: “Due to the short communication traces with Metafoor, we have been capable of meet our cut-off date,
notwithstanding the tight time table.”

Maarten Eijkelestam describes VBSonline with a Metaphor: “When you just were given your driver’s license at 18, you don’t select a Ferrari, you select a car that suits you. We opted for an intuitive and consumer-friendly machine that, in terms of functionalities, fits our cutting-edge needs”. Herein lies the electricity of Metaphor.

The conversion of the actual property data
The conversion of the real estate statistics to VBSonline began in August 2019. Maarten Eijkelestam mentions a primary advantage of VBSonline: “When mapping and registering the actual property portfolio, we particularly reasoned from the contracts (letting / placing into use / lengthy hire / right of superficies, and so on.), in VBSonline we assume from the object. Under the item hangs a rentable unit and under the rentable unit hangs a contract that connects the rentable unit with a relation.” This structure become extensively utilized in our old actual property facts device, but with VBSonline and Vincent’s input we started out to reason more from the object. This has created a stable basis and greater solidarity in actual estate management, also in terms of technical control and monetary administration.

Maarten Eijkelestam: “The structure of VBSonline has helped to
shape the belongings portfolio.”
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From the basics if you want to strategic belongings control
Now that the fundamentals are in order, diverse movements emerge which are necessary to truly begin coping with the portfolio. To make this viable, a brand new department into roles and features is required within the branch. This is one of the steps that the municipality ought to take inside the professionalization process. The capabilities could be redesigned in the destiny primarily based on the viable roles in VBSonline. VBSonline serves the municipality as a way of professionalizing actual property control and forces employees to think more from a actual property control function.

Various capabilities in VBSonline support the employees of the municipality of Alphen aan den Rijn in actual estate control. The standard link with the Land Registry/BAG and Google Maps allows personnel, for instance, to perform exams. The graphical issue is likewise a useful feature that gives guide for property management. Objects in VBSonline also can be classified, which makes it smooth to filter while coping with the real property portfolio.

Invoicing, indexations and fee-powerful lease in VBSonline
The subsequent step for the municipality of Alphen aan den Rijn is to invoice from VBSonline. Maarten Eijkelestam and Vincent Quist are busy updating the charge guidelines to make this viable. When the invoicing from VBSonline has been realized, the link with the accounting software could be made. Payments are truely entered inside the accounting program, so that a clean overview of the debtors is created. In addition, they’re busy with indexations, because they need to have one constant second for all indexations.
In the future they want to complement the device with monetary values ​​for the cost-effective lease and to apply the import/export choice among VBSonline and O-Prognose (the device for technical management). It is likewise the want in the future to examine the shapefiles of the issuance drawings into VBSonline in an effort to be capable of sign in the outline of municipal land in VBSonline.

Alphen aan den Rijn and Metafoor are running collectively on the last answer.
The municipality of Alphen aan den Rijn may be very pleased with VBSonline. They describe the device as quite intuitive, person-friendly and easy. As a end result, all colleagues are able to paintings with the device and assets management in VBSonline is widely supported.

Vincent Quist: “There is a clear difference among software that is marketed from the information to build software and software program this is designed from the know-how for assets control. VBSonline is plenty extra in line with the day by day paintings.”

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