Croatia is a beautiful country and it is also a destination that is slowly becoming popular as one of the real estate hotspots. So where can you buy real estate properties in this country? Here are some suggestions:

• Dubrovnik- If you wish to own a property in a place where you will find the rugged beauty of the country then this is a destination that you can consider. Located in the Dalmatian coast, this place is often referred to as the ‘cocktail of sun, scenery and culture’. The summers are dry and warm and as such, Dubrovnik makes a perfect place where you can buy a second home.
• Istria: It is the southern most country of Croatia and it is also the biggest Adriatic peninsula. Beautiful beaches are found in plenty in this region and this is one of the most important reasons why tourists come to Istria when they are visiting the country. It is also a place where you can consider buying a real estate property in.
• Dalmatia Islands: There are more than one thousand islands in the Dalmatia region and most of these are untouched. One can get to these islands by ferry or domestic flight from Split. If you are thinking about investing in Croatia, then the islands you should consider investing are Vis, Hvar and Brac.
• Zagreb: It is the capital city of Croatia and it has been acting as the political and cultural location for the country ever since the Middle Ages. In the 19th century, this city developed drastically and there are many buildings here dating back to the Austro-Hungarian Empire that are being preserved. If a property is what you are planning to buy in this country, then you can consider investing in its capital city.
• Middle Dalmatia: Home to the largest national park in the country, Middle Dalmatia is another region where you can consider buying a property in. It is a region that is popular for its waterfalls and it is also a popular tourist destination.
• Split: Last but not the least; Split is another city where you can buy a second home in. This is the second biggest city in the country with an old town and a modern harbor.

These are some of the locations in Croatia that will be good for investment purpose so if you have decided to invest your money in the real estate property in this country, you can consider these locations.

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