All mobile oil change companies which survive the first six months in business end up building quite a customer base through smart marketing and good referrals. At some point they grow big enough to catch the eye of a local or regional jobber or supplier in the Oil Industry.

Generally for new mobile oil change companies it makes sense to not have huge inventories of oil filters, windshield wipers, air filters and fuel filters. It is much better to stop by the local auto parts store and pick them up. Some small oil change companies even hit a 24-hour Wal-Mart each morning and pick up the filters they need to save costs.

If you are buying locally from an auto parts store then you can buy your filters the day of or the day before after confirming your order, thus saving inventory costs. One would think that this plan of attack is worthy of mention. But of course there comes a time when your economies of scale do not make it that easy.

Once you hit 300 plus oil changes per month or about 900 units or customers you will want to stock some inventory and you will want to buy the common filters used in advance and in that case chose a Wix Dealer and many Bulk Oil Jobbers whether Shell, Chevron, BP, etc. sell filters too, along with an entire line of products from windshield wipers to power steering fluids.

Some small companies swear by the Amsoil Line and there are many off brands worthy of cost comparisons. But often those jobbers enjoy the benefits of customers like you, so perhaps if they are willing you too should be willing to listen to their pitch? For the expanding mobile oil change business this is definitely something to think on of course.

If you are looking for a local dealer, supplier or jobber in your region or area we suggest you check out NOLN or contact George Markle or Sheila over there at the Online Buyers Guide, well at least to check price and make sure you are getting a fair shake. If you are smart you will build a relationship with your suppliers and not expect a reach around, just because they are bending you over. So do your homework and shop around. Continued success keeping all those American Automobiles running like clockwork. Think on this.

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