Planning a spring wedding? Then it is also time to make your honeymoon arrangements. Take a look at these great ideas for spring honeymoons.

Outdoor enthusiasts have lots of fun options for springtime adventures. One of the best is to take a trip out West for spring skiing. On many of the big mountains in Colorado, Utah, and British Columbia, there is plenty of good skiing left well into April. It can be a lot of fun too, as you will have lots of snow combined with sunny days and pleasant temperatures. Not only that, but lift tickets can be less expensive in the spring than in the peak winter season.

To promote the spring skiing season, many of the large resorts have festivals and special events in March and April. There are concerts, parades, and even Easter egg hunts! Combine that with the fantastic shopping and restaurants at some of the more posh ski destinations like Aspen, and you will have a honeymoon that offers endless fun things to do. Dining at ski resorts is not limited to burgers grabbed in the ski lodge, either. Plan on some romantic dinners in cozy little bistros. Dress up a cashmere sweater with a couple of Swarovski crystal bracelets for the perfect ski resort chic dinner outfit. (If you wore Swarovski crystal bracelets for your wedding, it will be especially fun to wear them again on your honeymoon.)

For those who are tired of chilly early spring weather, think about a honeymoon to a warm weather destination. By late spring, south Florida and some of the closer Caribbean islands will be reaching very comfortable temperatures. If you want to be assured of perfect beach weather, plan on heading further south to a spot like Aruba, which has highs well into the mid-80s by March. Just try to avoid scheduling any trips to popular destinations that will be overrun with college students on spring break!

The dessert Southwest is also very beautiful in the spring. Well past the monsoon season, but before the oppressive summer heat sets in, Arizona and New Mexico are extremely pleasant. Chill out by the pool at a fabulous resort, or visit the artists’ galleries in Taos, Santa Fe, or Albuquerque. Maybe you can even pick up a unique piece of pottery or a painting to display in your new home. That would make a wonderful honeymoon souvenir.

Culture lovers may wish to consider a spring honeymoon in Europe. You are not guaranteed fantastic weather, but as long as you avoid Easter week, you should be assured of much smaller crowds than in the summer months. If you want to get close enough to the Mona Lisa to see the brushstokes or spend a few minutes admiring the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Rome without being jostled by a swarm of tourists, going in the spring is your best bet. And who cares if the weather is not perfect when you can spend your evenings enjoying romantic dinners in some of the best restaurants in Europe? Bon Voyage!

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