Last night was a perfect night to be out and about. Mind you, after all that crazy 15 minutes of rain. I twisted my girlfriend’s rubber arm to join me in a night of wild debauchery (not really). We bounced on over to The Sand Box. The Sand Box is a very new and nicely remodeled bar/grill/tavern/cool place. It’s located in the Green Bat East area just off Manitowoc Road.

We arrived close to 11PM to a small crowd out front smoking. One of them was the bartender and he checked our ID’s and told us about the Beer Garden out back. Being the beautiful night it was, we walked inside to head back outside to the patio. To my surprise, there was not a single soul at the inside bar. Okay, so there was one, but he quickly followed us out back. Smart move on his part, because the party was all outside. The inside, I’m sure is great. There is a pool table, dart boards, a shuffle board and a large bar with lots of chairs, but the people of Green Bay had spoken: Outdoor Beer Garden or bust. There were people sitting at the Tiki Hut Bar while others were sitting at some of the plastic lounge chairs along the side of the beer garden. Did I mention this Tiki Hut offers a full liquor bar and beer? Cool, huh? The Hut is in the middle of the garden and there are lots of beach ornaments hanging to give it a tropical vibe. There is also a large screen TV to give it that sports bar vibe too. The Sand Box wants to be your summer (and winter, of course) bar with volleyball courts, horse shoe pits, hula hoops and a metal fire pit. What else do you need?

I ordered a vodka soda water and my partner in crime ordered the same. Our drinks cost us 8 smackers. Pretty cheap. But if you’re looking for a way to save money, try gambling with the dice. The super friendly bartenders are more than happy to shake away with you. Everyone at The Sand Box was really, really nice, owners, bartenders and patrons alike. Most of the folks there are regulars who do a great job of welcoming you right on in. It was a fun night with cheap drinks, great people and a relaxed atmosphere.

She has worked in the bar/restaurant industry since she was 15 starting as a busgirl, moving onto hostess, then waitress/bartender, and manager. She loves her lite beer and shots of whiskey. But she can also act a little more sophisticated with a glass of wine.

END has visited bars all over, from her Florida days to living in Chicago. Also backpacking in Eastern Europe she frequented many taverns and nightclubs in Italy, Prague, Poland, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, and Germany. Her last adventure included the ocean front bars of Costa Rica.

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