International courier companies offer a variety of services for your business needs. When looking to ship a package or arrange a working relationship with one particular courier, it’s important to know exactly which types of services are provided. There are small courier companies who specialise in local shipments and even provide door to door service. Then there are larger companies who specialise in international shipments but still provide the local door to door courier services provided by the smaller shops. You need to compare rates and services of both types of companies before choosing one. You may find it better to choose a smaller company for your local shipments and a larger one for international shipping. But you may prefer to work with just one courier service to make your recordkeeping easier and to build a strong working relationship.

Parcel and Document Delivery

Since this is the most common type of delivery needed by businesses, most international courier companies offer this type of service. What you need to research is how well they can accommodate the shipping of oversized or unusually shaped packages. Many companies advertise that all businesses have to do is drop off their items and the courier will package, box, and ship the item. But it’s still important to have the company guarantee that they can accommodate any size or shape of package, even if they have to custom make a shipping box. You also need to find out about the company’s shipping times. Most couriers offer overnight delivery, but you need a guarantee that the company actually delivers the parcels or documents within a one day time period.

Types of Parcel Travel

Unless the courier company is strictly local, packages will be delivered by airplane, train, boat, or truck. If your shipping company doesn’t offer all aspects of package travel and delivery, you need to find out which types of package delivery they offer and how long it typically takes for the package to arrive. Overnight deliveries often go by plane, and packages delivered to islands are commonly dropped off by boat. A good courier company will offer all types of delivery to insure that packages are delivered on time and in good condition. Remember that the quicker you need a package delivered, and the further it travels, the higher the price. While it’s easy to find basic package services at international courier companies, a little extra research can insure you work with a company that offers all the services you need.

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