At some time in our lives we all fancy having a go at painting or drawing. Some people find it so easy and are naturally talented. You may find they can draw and paint without ever having had a lesson. However, for others they are too frightened to even try! Others draw and paint and think nothing will be good enough, perfectionists one could say. It could be that you do not need any encouragement to actually get enthused. If you are enthusiastic you probably will go from strength to strength.

It is important that you have a hobby you can enjoy. You should feel that it is fun and not hard work. As you progress you will try different mediums and techniques experimenting and learning as you go. Some will be successful; some may fail in your eyes. Above all it should be an enjoyable experience.

Just find yourself a nice quiet spot somewhere, whether it be in the house or the garden, away from the phone where you can chill in perfect peace. This way the hours will pass you by, and you will wonder just where the time has gone? The peace that can surround you like this is fantastic and therapeutic. Don’t we all need and crave time just like this?

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