Summing up, as a hobby it is great. You can achieve and learn so much. With oils the only drawback is the length of time they actually take to dry and keeping them dust free. Acrylics I think are great fun. With them you can explode with colors right across the canvas, in so many ways.

If you feel confident enough to give acrylics as gifts this is easy as they do not need to be framed. The paint can be applied straight from the tube with the added advantage of it drying very quickly or you may dilute it.

If you are new to pastels you may not know how to save your paintings and keep them in the best possible way. This is fixing.

As to why we fix it is a personal thing. Some people are of the reasoning that maybe their colours may not appear fresh. Therefore not all artists like to fix. Artists differ on this subject with some only fixing at the end, others just fixing a certain segment as the work progresses.

Should you want to fix your painting without spraying, there is something you can do. A good alternative, perhaps is, to cover the painting with a sheet of cellophane paper or even tissue, then place a board on top of this and press hard. Your pressure then makes the pastel specks go more definately into the grain of your paper. Do not apply too much pressure or this could change the texture surface of your painting.

Another way is to fix the back of your painting – this is to avoid you overspraying the painting. What happens is the fixative will soak through so that it makes the pastel damp to hold it in position, but does not really upset the surface. Some paper is pretty absorbent, therefore this is an improved way of fixing, rather than creating like a skin of fixative over not settled pigments.

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