Which do you choose, as there are two varieties? Well artists paints are good as the pigments are well saturated with colour. Students paints do not have the same quality of pigment. Obviously they last longer, are easy to use and better than students colours. Whereas students are much cheaper in price, as they have pigments which are cheaper, mixed with synthetic type of ingredients.

Watercolors can be bought from art suppliers in what we call pans or tubes. The tube paint is a lot softer so you can use these for making a big wash. Whichever type you use, you need to remember to put the caps back on the tubes or close the pan boxes. Otherwise the paint is likely to dry up.

Pans too are good, as they are readily usable direct from the box, making them pretty manageable. So for a few words about mixing to paint with watercolours. Essential requirements are two jars of clean water, small coffee or jam jars will suffice, as you need one for cleaning your brushes and the other for mixing your paint.

Several mixing dishes will also be needed. Maybe you would find it easier to work with the pans first time around. Using a flatish mixing dish, transfer some water to it by dipping the brush into the water. Best to tap the brush not too strongly so that you drop the water.

Do this a few times really. Then put your brush into your water jar. Hit the side of the jar with it to get rid of any excess water. Take your brush over the top of the pan. The brush will pick up the paint.

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