The next step is as follows: Brush goes to the dish, mix it together with the water and you will now have the transference of paint. Keep trying this and you will soon manage to obtain a lighter or darker tone if you need it. You can always look at the shades on scrap paper first.

Whatever you do, just look after your brushes. If you do not care for them it can be expensive for you. They need cleaning well in water as soon as you have finished with them.

To bring them back to their original shape, give them a shake by flicking your wrist. I often just use my fingers. As for storage, they are best kept with the hair end up in some sort of pot. If you carry them with you, then roll them in material or paper and tie it with string or elastic band. If they are going in a box get them really dry first. Never have your brushes standing in water on the brush heads.

We all need to look after our choice of tools as well as we possibly can. This way they will certainly last for time to come. That is why it is better to buy the best you can possibly afford at the time and this should improve your results!

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