If you want to perform optimally at work the next day, then spending your evenings hunting around supermarkets with screaming kids is not the way to do it.  And so it actually makes a lot more sense to shop online. Set up a selection of items that you want to buy – you can even do this on your lunch break – and then have them delivered each week with a few variations to keep your meals interesting. You just saved yourself 1-3 hours a week and those hours would have involved a lot of exertion.

Automate the Cleaning

Back to cleaning and tidying! Because even with a very well organized home and minimal clutter, you’re still going to find yourself needing to clean from time to time, meaning that you’re not either relaxing and recuperating or doing things you enjoy. But many of these types of work can be avoided or at least minimized too. For example, you could take away the need to wash up after eating by simply getting a washing machine. Sick of spending lots of time vacuuming?

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