The maximum well-known flower essence components is RESCUE REMEDY, and it is flawlessly designed for those stressful times.

Rescue Remedy is trademarked by using Bach Flower Essences, however the equal method is available as 5 Flower Formula from Flower Essences Services (FES).

If you cannot discover both of those easily where you stay or can not watch for the transport time whilst buying online, or if you locate the additional price an excessive amount of for you right now, there is another way to move.

You can definitely make your self a formula using phrases on a bit of paper with a tumbler of water sitting over them. In the PDF record beneath are complete commands for making this formula.

Make Your Own Flower Essences

Once you’ve got the flower essences, there are many methods to use them.


You can change the whole energy of your private home by way of misting every room – approximately 1 spray toward every wall or corner.

I try this a couple of times an afternoon, each time the electricity of my domestic starts offevolved to experience too extreme.

Even in case you don’t note the distinction, your animals will feel it without delay.

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