5. Bing Ads doesn’t force you to target close variants keywords

In online advertising, close variants are basically keyword mismatches, such as misspellings and plurals. While the majority of advertising networks will force target these variants for you, Bing Ads will allow you to either target them if you would like to leverage a 7% increase in reach, or to simply opt out and not target them. This can be easily done within the keyword matching options at the campaign or ad group levels.

6. Bing Ads natively shows social extensions on ads

Bing Ads will automatically show the number of followers your business has on social media through a simple text extension on your ads, which is a tremendous opportunity to use social proof!

7. Bing Ads offers you greater control over demographic targeting

One of the most powerful yet underused features of Bing Ads is the ability it gives you to control who sees your ads according to their age and gender. This is especially good to control when you know that your product or service is preferred by certain demographics. You can adjust your bids to go as low as minus 90% all the way up to plus 900%, and you can do it both at the campaign and ad group levels!

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