There are many benefits available to veterans, but there are frequently delays in processing these types of claims. Recently, there has been a lot of speculation surrounding the Department of Veterans Affairs and how they process disability claims. Unfortunately, there is a large backlog and many veterans have been waiting for over twenty years to gain access to the benefits that they have earned.

VA home loans are a benefit available to veterans immediately after they have completed the length of service requirements. The applicant, whether a veteran or active duty, must also qualify based upon credit restrictions, but the requirements that must be met are much more lenient than other types of home loans.

The best part is that it only takes an average of 20-30 days from the time of application to actually receive this VA benefit!

The VA home loan program has more favorable terms than a lot of loan programs because it serves as a benefit for those who have served our country. It is one of the only two types of home loan that allows for 100% financing and, regardless of what percentage of the home’s value is being borrowed, these loans do not require any type of mortgage insurance. Both of these features can help save borrowers hundreds of dollars on their mortgage payment each month.

These loans provide an opportunity for veterans and active duty members of the military to realize their part of the American dream. By providing 100% financing, the program allows those who have not had a chance to save any money the opportunity to purchase a home. This benefit allows people to use the money they would otherwise spend on a down payment however they see fit – whether it be for renovations, to start a savings account or just to help cover every day expenses.

The service requirements for this program vary depending on when the applicant entered the military and whether they were active duty or in the reserves. If the applicant served or is serving in active duty, he or she must have served at least 90 days wartime or 181 days peacetime in order to qualify for a VA home loan.

If the applicant served or is serving in the reserves, he or she must have served for at least six years in order to qualify for this type of home financing. In accordance with Abraham Lincoln’s statement of the purpose of the VA, surviving spouses of veterans who are deceased, missing in action, or prisoners of war also have the ability to utilize the VA home loan benefit, providing that they are not remarried.

Especially with so many of our veterans’ benefits claims taking so long to be processed and granted, there needs to be a easily accessible tool available to them that can help make their lives better. The VA home loan program is available NOW and gives eligible applicants the opportunity to purchase a home, lower their rate, lower their payments, or consolidate debt in order to improve the overall quality of their lives.


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