Do you have a business that is focused on getting business from your local geographic landscape.

Does the very fact of someone being located in a geographical location do more to qualify your prospects than anything else?

If so there is a way that you can easily stay at the top of mind of HUGE percent of the people that will ever do
business with you.

First to apply this strategy make sure you have a Facebook account.

Then go to your Facebook account and search all Facebook business pages in your local area and start connecting with people on the other local business pages.

Make sure you participate on the business pages and do your best to establish relationships with the people that are participating on that page.

Other local business pages are a good resource for prospect in social media for two reasons.

1. Not all people using Facebook are interested enough in that social media platform to become active on business pages. So the best place to start when looking for good to find fans that have already proven themselves to be good.

2. Most if not all of the customers on that business page will qualify themselves as people that buy from other businesses locally.

Another way to find new customers using a social media platforms like FB is to search for local associations, local groups, and look for local events.

A lot of new events are showing up on Facebook with their own Facebook page. The way to approach events can be to connect and participate on the events page. Then perhaps participate with the event itself somehow. This way you can bring more dimension and sticking power to your efforts on Facebook by deepening the connection with those that are on the events page and at the event.

I cover quite a few social media marketing [] ideas like this at our Small Business Marketing [] blog If you would like to go there and ask any questions we are happy to answer them.

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