Chiseled in 30 (CI30) is a home workout program that comes from the company Calisthenics Kingz and designed by HIT Richards (more on HIT later) It’s a two DVD set. Each DVD is a phase of the workout. Hence, Phase I and Phase II.

Each Phase is to be done daily, five consecutive days a week then a two day rest for three consecutive weeks. So, you would do Phase I for three weeks, five consecutive days then a two day rest. After completing the three weeks, then move on to Phase II for five consecutive days with two days rest for three weeks. Get it? The “30” in the “Chiseled in 30” is the number of actual workouts you’ll be doing.

If you follow along with the program, each workout should take about 45-50 minutes total. And believe me, you WILL feel like you worked out when you’re finished.

Oh, and for those that are more advanced than me, you can get the program as a download as well. I’m not sure of the format it comes in for the download, but if you choose to go that route, I’m sure it’s outlined at the Calisthenics Kingz website.

The program also comes with a nutrition plan. As with the two Phases of workouts, there are two Phases of the nutrition plan that corresponds with the workout Phases. So, during Phase I, you should follow a certain nutrition plan and do the same for Phase II. It’s all laid out for you in an easy to follow format.

Who Is Calisthenics Kingz and HIT Richards

The company that put together CI30 is Calisthenics Kingz and their founder is HIT Richards. (HIT is an acronym for Hard Intense Trainer, which was given to HIT by his clients). I had the privilege of Interviewing HIT as part of my Fitness Interview Series (If you’re a Fitness Insider you may have heard it). I won’t get into details on the background of HIT or Calisthenics Kingz, but what I can tell you is HIT has LOADS of experience, and LOADS of credentials. What I can tell you is HIT knows his stuff inside and out. Feel free to research him and the company, I did and I was pleased.

Equipment Needed

The equipment you will need for CI30 is quite simple, a jump road and a chair (or steps or something you can use for chair dips). If you do this workout in your house, make sure the top of the jump rope does not hit the ceiling and you’ll be good to go. I did the entire program in my two car garage, with one car still in the garage! Yup, it does NOT require a whole lot of space. In fact, HIT, the creator of the program, does the program in a tiny room.

Of course, since this is a DVD type of workout, you will need some device in which to play the actual DVD.

Since this is a repeat workout, I suggest following along with the DVD the first few times so you can get the routine and the exercises down. I would even go as far as writing down the moves and the sequence so you can take this workout “on the road” so to speak.

If you choose, after you know the sequence of the moves and the rest times between them, feel free to use your own music and do the program without following along with the DVD.

If you feel real ambitious, you can take this workout to any local park and complete it as well. Bottom line, this is a workout program that can be completed just about anywhere.


I want to make one thing perfectly clear, although this workout is designed for anyone; young or old, skinny or not so skinny, male or female; CI30 is not for the casual person who only exercises for recreation. If done correctly, this workout will kick your butt period! CI30 is a full body workout. You will be doing push ups, a lot of pushups with different variations. You will work your legs, you will work your abs, you will get cardio… and one more thing, YOU WILL SWEAT!

If you’re a gym rat (I used to be one so I can say it), this workout will be just as intense, if not more intense, than any workout you’ve ever done.

If you’re serious about getting in phenomenal shape, this workout will do the trick, if you follow it.

The “Chiseled In 30” Workout Program in Detail

OK, now let’s get into the workout itself.


My first reaction was to say “doing the same workout for 5 days in a row, using the same muscles 5 days in a row, goes against everything I’ve ever heard about resting muscle groups for a few days between workouts.”

I’ve been working out for a LONG time, both at home and in a gym, and I’ve always lived by the “muscles need to rest” theory. But now I’m changing my tune. If I did not personally talk with HIT, and did not do my research, I may have just poo-poo’d this whole workout off. But, knowing his credentials, I knew there was a method to his madness, so to speak. HIT would not just throw a program together for sake of doing a program. One cannot get to his level of fitness or his knowledge of fitness without doing his homework. And, I can tell you, HIT has done his homework. After all, have you seen him? The Dude is ripped beyond belief!

So, I decided to not question his theory, but embrace it. After all, I run a fitness website and I wanted to be true to the program I would be reviewing, not my own personal beliefs that may or may not go with the philosophy of the actual program. I figured I would use the Machiavelli principle, “the ends justify the means.”

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