This article, the 3rd in a, Songwriter’s Toolbox series, will focus on another process for pulling out great ideas for writing lyrics. Nobody likes sitting around struggling to figure out ideas for writing lyrics. Writing lyrics is not rocket science, but it can be frustrating, which is why it requires practice and tools to improve the skill.

What you will find here is a resource, that will help open up the creativity and provide steps to follow along and make song writing and lyrics more fun. I am going to ask you to do some things that maybe you wouldn’t have thought would actually help, but believe me it will. So open your mind!

Channel inspiration from your surroundings. Simply put, the location you are writing the song, and your mind frame, at the time of writing songs, ALL matter! So decide where you are most creative, and go to that place. Don’t be afraid to explore. Want to write a fun happy song, go to a park, lake, or somewhere that makes you happy. If it’s time for a sad song, go where you can be introspective.

Now that your location is set. Put your mind IN the situation you are writing about. Really cement yourself in the emotion.

Write down everything you feel. Total free form. (this where a voice recorder or voice app is handy, because you can usually talk faster than you can write or type)

Here’s a list of questions to answer, while your submerged in the writing process.
How do you feel about what’s happening in your mind about the story?
Why do you feel that way?
What are you going to do about it?
Who else is effected by the story?
What colors do you see in the picture?
Any specific odors (i know a silly question, but the goal is to really submerge and be descriptive)
What time of day is it?
What is the end resolve to your story?
Literally record or write down everything that you feel, while you are reflecting on this song idea. Think of it as a movie scene, and really describe the setting.
Are you ok? Ha! Just checking, but you get the point. This method is powerful. If this songwriter’s tool is used correctly, it opens up places and descriptive lyrics, like you wouldn’t believe.



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