Mine is is bright red! That’s because I love the color red. It is made of metal and shiny, and not too big; just the right size for traveling. It’s so cosmic because it goes all over the planet with me! Inside are all the tools I need to walk my path on this planet called Earth. The kind of tools I keep inside are ones I have discovered along my path that work for me: they help me to better navigate my journey. Some of them I have carried with me for quite some time, others are added when needed and then later removed when I no longer use them. Some of them are more Spiritual in nature, and some are self-help tools. https://www.proflocanada.ca/

I had a cool dream last week, in it my dad met me (he resides on the other side now) and he took me into a room and handed me off to a Native person who was sorting through a lot of items in the room, as he readied himself for a journey. This guy had a very supportive, loving energy; he emanated as he spoke to me. He gestured with his arm out into the room, showing me all the things he was not taking with him. You don’t need any of these, he told me. He was putting the items he was selecting into a medium sized backpack. Then he pointed out my pack, and said, I’ll show you this time, how to do this, so that for the next trip you can do it on your own. As we sorted and tossed and put a few things into the packs, we also prepared some medicine and herbs to take along with us. He taught me very carefully how to do this preparation. My interpretation of this dream is that he was showing me old patterns and ways of dealing with things that I no longer needed to carry with me and use, and introducing me to new tools to take along in the pack with me. The packs were related to the cosmic toolbox, in their own way. Nice.

Our Earth and all of us are all changing at an astonishing rate . We can have more ease in these accelerated times by consciously assembling the items we would like to take with us in this new phase of our journey, realizing we have a choice now as to what we will take and what we need to leave behind. Whether we use a toolbox or a backpack is of no importance…just do the tossing and sorting as quickly as you can, there is not much time left now to prepare.



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